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ZCORR - 30 Cal Ammo Can Liner


SIZE: 10" x 3-1/2" x 7"; 254 x 89 x 177mm

The ZCORR Ammo Can Liner is specifically designed to fit the Mil Spec Ammo Can – 30 Cal 7.62 and does so with a flat gusseted bottom to maximize storage capacity. The air tight water proof zipper adds additional protection in case the ammo can gasket fails.

The ZCORR 30 Cal Ammo Can Liner is perfect for all sorts of ammunition raging from .22, 9mm, 556/ 223, and various other rifle, shotgun, or handgun rounds. Since VCI technology leaves no residues behind ammunition powder and primers are safe inside the ZCORR Ammo Can Liner.