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Ballistic Data Quick Reference System

Scope Dope Kits

The Scope Dope-Ballistic Data Quick Reference kit is was our first product and is still our flagship product. The primary components of the Scope Dope kit are the Data Disc and the Data Card. The Scope Dope kit is available in three different configurations; Standard (100-1000 meters/yards in increments of 100), Law Enforcement Officer (25-250 meter/yards in increments of 25), and the Long Range (no preprinted ranges).


Data Cuff

The Data Cuff by Condition One was originally designed to work with the Scope Dope-Ballistic Data Quick Reference Kit data card. Now it can be used for a variety of information that is mission essential. Easily keep call signs, range cards, TRP’s, HVT’s, or whatever you need for the successful completion of your mission at arm’s length. While offering ambidextrous mounting to either forearm the Data Cuff may also be mounted to a large number of other gear and devices such as ruck sacks, chest rigs, vehicles or weapon systems.

The Data Cuff features a large viewing window that can also be written on with a semi-permanent marking pen. Additionally, it features a small storage pocket for additional data cards or other information and a milspec grade elastic pen loop for securing a writing instrument or other items such as a chemical stick.

The Data Cuff is presently available in three color variants; Army Combat Uniform (ACU), Coyote Tan, and our most popular selection, Multicam. Multicam is currently in use by many special operations groups and law enforcement organizations in a variety of operating environments and theaters.

The Data Cuff is lightweight, durable and offers a truly silent one-handed operation. Built from 1000 Denier Cordura material, field gear does not get much tougher than this. The Data Cuff is made in Canada and carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 


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