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ZCORR - Rifle / Shotgun Bag - Velcro Seal


SIZE: 11" x 54"; 279 x 1371mm


The ZCORR Velcro Shotgun/Rifle Storage Bag was designed to protect rifles and shotguns from rust and general corrosion. Depending on a firearm’s overall height, optics may remain mounted and are unaffected by VCI molecules. As always, optics should be stored with caps on. The Universal Shotgun/Rifle bags are the most convenient reusable storage and preservation solution for firearms such as the Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Ruger 10/22, or the Remington 700.

Velcro Series firearm storage bags are ideal when there are firearms that are rarely to frequently used due to the easy closure system. Depending on use, firearms can be stored rust free for 5+ years.

To use a Velcro Series firearm bag effectively:
1. Clean your firearm as recommended by the manufacturer and slide it into the bag.
2. Press the heavy duty Velcro closure shut.

To remove the firearm simply:
1. Open the Velcro closure and remove your firearm.
2. VCI technology leaves be hind no residues so firearms are ready to be used right out of the bag… unlike messy oils & greases.

We advise against placing firearms inside gun socks before placing them in ZCORR Storage Bags as they may inhibit the effectiveness of the VCI chemistry.