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US Tactical Systems 7 inch M14 Mount 660-212

US Tactical Systems

This 7 inch US Tactical Systems M14 mount is basically the same as the 6 inch version but longer. It is also constructed out of a solid billet of 4140 steel. Wire-EDM machined for the tightest tolerances and perfect fit on your Classic M14 rifle. The 7 inch version gives you more scope ring adjustment, and allows room to use scope with a shorter eye-relief. This version works with a larger variety of scopes.

The mount assembly includes all the mounting hardware needed, to get the rail mounted on your M14 with perfection. The M14 mount also features two-point lock-up, and three point contact with the crown of the reciever. This is important to enhance the stability, and eliminate any rocking motion under heavy recoil.

Pair this mount with our NEW US Tactical Systems Scope Rings, for an extremely accurate, rock-solid M14 scope mounting system. US Tactical Systems are dedicated to bringing your M14 to a new level. Turn your M14 into a long-range, highly accurate shooting machine!

Includes ALL Mounting Hardware

  • Wire-EDM Precision Machined
  • 4140 Solid Billet Steel
  • Two Point Lock-up
  • Three Point Contact w/Reciever
  • Rock Solid- Built To Last