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Versa-Pod - 159-519 BattlePack Versa-Pod Bipod LTD - Prone


Versa-Pod® BattlePack LTD - Prone

This new configuration enhances all the things that make a Versa-Pod great. Tighter tolerances mean less movement resulting in greater accuracy. At the range, on patrol, or in the mud, with just a few simple turns change your legs to suit whatever terrain you find yourself in! Our patented tool-less friction controls allow the bipod to be precisely positioned and locked in place. The knobs can also be adjusted to allow slight movement for following moving targets. Molle pouch will easily integrate into your existing configuration and is built tough – go ahead and abuse it! This unit adjustable from 7″-9″ and is best when using a 20 round magazine.

Includes US Made MOLLE case.